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Orthopedic Doctors Fulton county

Rehab Orthopedic Medicine

   At Rehab Orthopedics Medicine in Decatur, we care for people with problems (neck, back, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and broken bones.) We use conservative treatment, without surgery, with the goal of relieving pain and restoring lost function as quickly as possible. We specialize in the treatment of Orthopedics injuries from automobile accidents, on-the-job injuries, and sports injuries as well as non-injury related pain such as chronic low back pain.
Dr. D'Auria Back Pain Management
Specializing in Non-Surgical Treatment and Physical Therapy
Orthopaedic Doctor...    
D'Auria, Ralph, MD
Board Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Se habla Español, On parle Francais, Parlamo Italiano, RUSSIAN   
1452 Church Street, Decatur, 30030,..404.378.8002 

    *Same Day Appointments Available
*We offer flexible hours for physical therapy

     Automobile accidents, on-the-job injuries, and injuries as well as non-injury related pain such as chronic low back and Pre Post Employment Evaluations, Return to Work Evaluations, Work Conditioning, Impairment Ratings, Electrodiagnostic Testing, Computerized Functional Capacity Evaluations FCE, Independent Medical Examinations, Fracture Care Casting, Joint Synvisc Infiltrations  DOT medical exam decatur workman's workers comp occupational medicine 
Hospital Affiliation: Dekalb Medical        MED X MEDX
Insurance Plans:
Most insurance plans accepted, including workers' compensation, Automotive med-pay, and Medicare    Aetna/US healthcare | Cigna HealthCare | Beech Street  | United HealthCare | Prudential HealthCare | Champus | Preferred Plan | Multiplan | Affordable Medical Networks | Medicare

Resurgens Orthopedic Website

Resurgens Orthopaedic Physicians

Georgia's Largest Orthopaedic Practice

Click on a physician name to see their Locations, Areas of Expertise, and Certifications

Freddy A. Achecar, Jr. M.D.
Jeffrey J. Albert M.D.
Mary J.  Albert M.D.
Mark J. Albritton M.D.
John Andrachuk, MD
Irfan  Ansari M.D.
William S. Armstrong M.D.

Erroll J. Bailey, M.D.
Herschel  I. Beker M.D.
Raj  Bholé M.D.
Lawrence A. Bircoll M.D.
J. Bernard. Bush, M.D.

Jennifer L. Bruggers, M.D.
Scott J. Cahoon M.D.
Anthony C. Carantzas M.D.
Tamara  Chachashvili M.D.
Krystal W. Chambers M.D.
Richard W. Cohen M.D.
L. Anita  Cone-Sullivan M.D.
Roderica E. Cottrell M.D.
Tapan K. Daftari M.D.
Robin L. Dennis M.D.
Marly N. Dows-Martinez, M.D.
Angelo  DiFelice, Jr., M.D.
Thomas L. Dopson M.D.
Eugene A. Eline, Jr. D.O.
Eli A. Finkelstein M.D.
Evander F. Fogle, M.D.
John C. Garrett M.D.
John R. Gleason M.D.
Maurice L. Goins, M.D.
David A. Goodman M.D.
Robert T. Greenfield M.D.
Bennett D. Grimm, MD
Ronald A. Hall, MD
Mark W. Hanna M.D.
Peter S. Harvey M.D.
Edward H. Holliger IV M.D.
Raymond C. Hui M.D.
Stephen B. James D.O.
Paul R. Jeffords M.D.
Glenn J. Jonas MD
Frank R. Joseph M.D.
Robert A. Kelly M.D.
Scott A.  Kelly M.D.
Sami Khan, M.D.
D. Kay  Kirkpatrick M.D.
Scott G. Kleiman M.D.
F. Daniel Koch M.D.
Kenneth J. Kress M.D.
G. Dale   Lane M.D.
Scott M. Levere M.D.
Douglas W. Lundy M.D.
Brian Z. Makhuli M.D.
M. Johnathan Mathers, MD
Mark S. McBride M.D.
Howard A. McMahan M.D.
Thomas M. McQuail M.D.
Drew V. Miller M.D.
Scott M. Morrell M.D.
C. Michael  Morris M.D.
Ali  Mortazavi D.O.
John G. Mowbray, M.D.
Radhakrishnan  V. Nair M.D.
Duc T. Nguyen M.D.
Eduardo J. Olmedo M.D.
Keith D. Osborn M.D.
Milan  Patel M.D.
Michele T.  Perez M.D.
Michael Quackenbush, D.O.
Philip G. Ploska M.D.
Scott G. Quisling M.D.
Arthur L. Raines Jr. M.D.
Byron D. Rosenstein M.D.
Thomas I. Ross M.D.
Russell L. Sabrin M.D.
Todd A. Sacks M.D.
Jason A. Schneider M.D.
David G. Scott M.D.
Gary S. Simon M.D.
Reuben  Sloan M.D.
Gary W. Stewart M.D.

Jacob A. Strong, M.D.
Robert M. Titelman M.D.
Christopher J. Walsh M.D.
Steven B. Wertheim M.D.
Kristen L. Willett, D.O.
M. Shay  Womack M.D.

Robert K. Yarbrough, M.D.

6335 Hospital Parkway, suite 302, John's Creek, Ga 30097,....404.575.4500, FAX: 404.575.4555
758 Old Norcross Road, suite 100, Lawrenceville, Ga 30043,....770.962.4300, FAX: 770.339.7544
1700 Tree Lane Road, suite 300, Snellville, Ga 30078, ...770.979.9903, FAX: 770.979.7312
2680 Lawrenceville Highway, suite 100, Decatur, Ga 30033, ...770.491.3003, FAX: 770.491.0729
3211 Iris Drive, Covington, Ga 30016, ...770.787.4042, FAX: 770.922.7499
1285 Hembree Road, suite 200-A, Roswell, Ga 30076, ...770.475.2710, FAX: 770.475.0078
61 Whitcher Street, suite 1100, Marietta, Ga 30060, ...770.422.3290, FAX: 770.422.0287
2550 Windy Hill Road, suite 317, Marietta, Ga 30067, ...770.933.1900, FAX: 770.933.0460
3698 Largent Way, suite 103, Marietta, Ga 30064, ...678.354.2883, FAX: 678.933.0600
270 Chastain Road, Kennesaw, Georgia 30144, ...770.421.8005, FAX: 770.424.5662
2230 Towne Lake Parkway, Building 300, suite 100, Woodstock, Georgia 30189, ...770.592.4424, FAX: 770.592.4895
1100 Northside Forsyth Drive, suite 340, Cumming, Georgia 30041, ...770.886.8111, FAX: 770.781.6380
2041 Mesa Valley Way, suite 100, Austell, Georgia 30106, ...770.944.1100, FAX: 770.944.6469
105 Regency Park Drive, McDonough, Georgia 30253, ...770.506.4119, FAX: 770.506.4145
4586 Timberidge Drive, suite 200, Douglasville,  Georgia 30135, ...770.949.7400, FAX: 770.942.1162
6635 Lake Drive, Morrow, Georgia 30260, ...770.968.1323, FAX: 770.968.4556
1336 West Highway 54, Building 500, Fayetteville, Georgia 30214, ...770.461.1238, FAX: 770.460.6610
665 South Eighth Street, Griffin, Georgia 30224, ...770.227.7050, FAX: 770.229.1014
Hospital Affiliation: Resurgens Doctors have staff privileges at most metro area hospitals, please call and ask if you have questions concerning any physician hospital affiliation.
Insurance Plans: Most Insurance Plans Accepted, please ask us when you call.  If a patient's insurance company requires a referral from his or her primary care to see one of our physicians, it is the patient's responsibility to provide with all required referral documentation. Please note that patients must have this referral information with them on their initial appointment to be seen.   www.resurgens.com 

Orthopedics knee doctor, orthopedists. Sports Medicine specialist offices orthopaedists back in Cobb orthopedist ankles kennesaw are involved with the care of patients whose musculoskeletal problems are present at birth or develop at any time during their lifetime. Congenital deformities, trauma, infections, tumors and metabolic disturbances of the musculoskeletal system.  Austell cobb knee doctor.  Perimeter Orthopaedic Associates.  Torn Rotator cuff repair rehabilitation, meniscal rehab, lateral ankle sprain,  arthroscopic shoulder decompression, ankle instability, ACL.

Specializing in Spinal Care

Adult spinal disorders + Treatment for herniated discs, degenerative disc disease / tumors + Minimal invasive spine surgery + Reconstructive surgery + Intra Discal Electro Thermal Therapy - IDET + BAK Cace, LT Cage, Carbon Fiber Cage surgery - anterior and posterior treatment

dekalb county, occupational shoulder Rotator cuff

Specialties, Treatments and Services
Anterior Cruciate Ligament repair + COMPUTER ASSISTED GAIT ANALYSIS FOR CUSTOM FIT ORTHOTICS + NON-INVASIVE SHOCK WAVE THERAPY + Arthritis -- Fusion of arthritic joints, joint  + Arthroplasties + Arthroscopic repair + Bone and soft tissue reconstructions + Bunion + Carpal tunnel decompression + Carpal tunnel decompression -- open and arthroscopic + Clubfoot + Congenital deformities + Foot and Ankle Disorders + Bunion + Nerve decompression surgery + Fusions + Leg osteotomies + Meniscus repair + Musculoskeletal injuries + Osteotomies + Acetabular + Femoral + Tibial + Reconstruction + Wrist + Knee Specialists + Elbow + Hip + Shoulder + Torn Rotator Cuff + Shoulder disorders + Sports related injuries + Fractures and dislocations -- internal, intramedullary and external fixation + Fusions for rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative arthritis or post-traumatic arthritis + Reconstruction of deformities resulting from previous fractures, overuse, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis & Knee Specialists. 



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Fulton county best knee shoulder specialists hip Rotator cuff doctors surgeons.  Orthopedic centers orthopedist endoscopic doctor for herniated disks artificial disc knee replacement clinic.  Sports Medicine Clinic pain management is the medical specialty that includes the preservation, investigation, and restoration of the form and function of the extremities, spine and associated structures by medical, surgical and physical means. are involved with the care of patients whose musculoskeletal problems are present at birth or develop at any time during their lifetime. Congenital deformities, trauma, infections, tumors and metabolic disturbances of the musculoskeletal system are problems cared for by the musculoskeletal problems include deformities, injuries, and degenerative diseases of the spine, hands, feet, shoulder and elbow in children and adults concerned with primary and secondary muscular problems.  orthopedic top knee replacement surgeons are also involved in the care of patients who manifest the effects of central or peripheral nervous system lesions on the musculoskeletal system.ENDOSCOPIC MICRODISCECTOMY.  Rotator cuff

Resurgens.  Resurgens Freddy A. Achecar, Jr., Jeffrey J. Albert, Mary Johanna Albert, Mark J.Albritton, Irfan Ansari, William S. Armstrong, Erroll J. Bailey, M.D., Herschel I. Beker, Raj Bholé, Lawrence A. Bircoll M.D., J. Bernard. Bush, M.D., Scott J. Cahoon, Anthony C. Carantzas, Tamara Chachashvili, Krystal W. Chambers, Richard W. Cohen, L. Anita Cone-Sullivan, Roderica E. Cottrell M.D., Tapan K. Daftari, Robin L. Dennis, Angelo DiFelice, Jr., Thomas L. Dopson, Eugene A. Eline, Jr., Eli A. Finkelstein, Evander F. Fogle, M.D., John C. Garrett, John R. Gleason, Maurice L. Goins, M.D., David A. Goodman,  Robert T. Greenfield, Ronald A. Hall, MD, Mark W. Hanna, .  Peter S. Harvey, Edward H. Holliger IV, Raymond C. Hui, Stephen B. James, Paul R. Jeffords, Glenn J. Jonas, Frank R. Joseph, Robert A. Kelly, Scott A. Kelly, Sami Khan, M.D., D. Kay Kirkpatrick, Scott G. Kleiman, F. Daniel Koch M.D. , Kenneth J. Kress, G. Dale Lane, Scott M. Levere, Orthopedic doctor Douglas W. Lundy M.D., Brian Z. Makhuli, Mark S. McBride, Howard A. McMahan, Thomas M. McQuail, Drew V. Miller, Scott M. Morrell, C. Michael Morris, Ali Mortazavi, John G. Mowbray, M.D., Radhakrishnan V. Nair, Duc T. Nguyen, Eduardo J. Olmedo, Keith D. Osborn, Milan  Patel M.D., Michele T. Perez, Philip G. Ploska, Thomas E. Price, Scott G. Quisling, Arthur L. Raines Jr., Byron D. Rosenstein M.D., Thomas I. Ross, Russell L. Sabrin, Todd A. Sacks, Jason A. Schneider, David G. Scott, Gary S. Simon, Reuben Sloan, Gary W. Stewart M.D., Jacob A. Strong, M.D., Robert M. Titelman, Christopher J. Walsh, Steven B. Wertheim, Kristen L. Willett, D.O., M. Shay Womack M.D., Robert K. Yarbrough, M.D. hip orthopedist.

Spine surgeon, cobb Orthopedic top hip specialists cobb, cobb county dr sports medicine in cobb county in cobb Fulton county.  Atlanta.

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