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Aidarex Pharmaceuticals


800-433-7194  Ext: 101
We design a dispensing program that addresses your specific medication needs. We cater to large healthcare companies with over 60 clinics as well as one physician practices. Our web based dispensing software creates total accountability and reconciliation to ensure total compliance. With over 23 years in the physician dispensing industry, we know our business. Providing our clients with reliable and dependable service is critical to our success. We provide dispensing models for facilities that specialize in work comp, non-work comp, adjudication, and cash & carry practices.


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Q:    Do I need a special license for me to dispense?
A:   In most cases, the state board of pharmacy only requires an on-site doctor’s DEA and State Licenses.  There are some exceptions.
Q:        Does my staff pack the medication?
A:   No. 
Aidarex prepackages all the prescriptions before they are shipped to you.  The medication is ready to be dispensed as soon as you receive shipment.
Q:        How do I ensure that I am reimbursed properly?
We will provide you with all the necessary materials to help facilitate your billing.
Q:        Do I have to keep a large supply of these medications on hand?
A:   No.  Since
Aidarex does not charge for shipping and delivers within 24-48 hours, we suggest only maintaining about a two week supply.  Most accounts order on a bi-monthly basis.
Q:        Where do I keep my medication?
A:   All you need is a locked cabinet or drawer.  If you plan on carrying controlled medication, they must be stored behind a double lock.
Q:        What liability falls on my shoulders if I choose to dispense?
A:   Since
Aidarex seals all its meds in prescription ready format, Aidarex assumes all the  liability for the meds in case of a recall.  The Doctors carry the same liability that they would if they were to write a prescription.

Aidarex is a recognized leader in the field of physician drug dispensing  pre-packaged prescriptions. We offer you an in-practice  dispensing service for your workers' comp patients, as well as an optional cash-and-carry program for co-pay patients.

We Provide double safety sealed prescription medications appropriate for direct dispensing to patients.  Our clients include physicians, hospitals, group practices, specialty clinics and dietary facilities.

Physicians and Clinics can choose from 2,500 different ranging from antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, over the counter meds (OTC) and commonly prescribed medications.

Our Clients can select brand name rx's or chemically equivalent generics that dramatically cut costs for the medical practice and patients.  All are packaged under strict quality control standards mandated by the Food and Drug Administration and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

With 20 Years Experience we employ state-of-the-art technology and can process 13,000 prescriptions per hour.  Our program can be adopted, implemented and maintained by your staff with very little effort. 

Prepackaged Medication Providers
800-433-7194 Ext: 101

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